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Zločini nad psima Svakodnevnica Srbije. Šta možemo da uradimo?



Zločini nad životinjama, u ovom slučaju, psima,  su svakodnevnica Srbije. Ovo je najnoviji za koji znamo. Pas je nadjen u kontejneru za djubre, ubačen od strane ko zna koga, u selu kod Vranja. Selo Rataje.
U izuzetno je lošem stanju, islabeo, mršav, preplašen i ne može da stane ne zadnje noge.
Zapravo, jedva da može da se pridigne iz ležećeg položaja.
Zli, bezosećajni neljudi su to uradili. Našao se i ČOVEK, žena po imenu Emilija, koja ga je izvadila iz tog kontejnera i obavestila lokalno udruženje , Borba za Život, da pomogne.
Po njihovom apelu, prva , najhitnija  finansijska pomoć je obezbedjena, pa je veterinar izašao na teren.  Utvrdjeno je da kičma nije slomljena, da ima nade da hoda, ali , dugo gladovanje, žedj, na 40 stepeni Celzijusovih, su učinili svoje. Postoji i mogućnost prebijanja, jer je pas u bolovima i vidno se plaši ljudi.
Izgleda da je nadjen u zadnjem momentu.
Pas je pod kontrolom. Nadamo se ozdravljenju. I tražimo pravog čoveka, koji bi želeo da mu pruži svu ljubav, koju nikada nije upoznao.
Sva obaveštenja o daljem napredku možete da pratite na našem fejsbuk sajtu Kampanja Pomozimo Zaboravljenim Psima i macama. 
Pošto uvek pokušavam da nadjemo rešenje, put za boljitak, postavljamo pitanje, veoma važno.
Šta možemo u ovakvim slučajevima da uradimo, a da to nisu samo kletve po komentarima, promatranje, koje udruženje je ovo postavilo, zašto, a gde sam tu ja, pa ne zanima me, nije moja opština itd. itd.
Dakle, šta možemo ZAJEDNO DA URADIMO?
A možemo, kada mnogima cilj zbog kog su osnovani,  ZAŠTITA ŽIVOTINJA, postane najvažniji, važniji od sopstvene promocije i ego igara. Hajde, umesto komentara da oformimo grupu za posetu takozvanim azilima, za proteste, za pisanje prijava, za delovanje. Za privremene fostere bez naplate. Hajde da uradimo nešto BEZ  LIČNE KORISTI.

Crimes against animals, in this case, dogs, are everyday life in Serbia. This is the newest one.

This dog has been found in the garbage bin, in the village called Rataje, Vranje. Thrown there by an unknown person. The dog is in very bad condition, weak, skinny, can’t stand on his back legs and very scared of people.

Evil, heartless people did this crime. But, real human being turned up, woman, Emilija, who took him out of the bin and informed local animal welfare organization Fight for Life Vranje.

After they shared an appeal for help, the first, the most urgent financial help arrived and the vet was on his way. The good news is that the spine hasn’t been broken, there are the chances the dog will walk, but long hunger and the thirst on 40 degrees celzius have taken their toll. There is possibility that he was badly bitten. It seems he was found in the last moment.

At the moment his condition is stable and veterinarian and activists will do everything to get him better. We are looking for the right person, who can provide real home for this poor doggy, only six months old, who has never, ever had neither loving home, nor kind word in his life. Just constant abuse.

All information about his progress you can follow on our facebook site Campaign Help Forgotten Dogs and Cats in Serbia.

All photos are above in the text written in Serbian.

Constant abuse of dogs, torture and murdering, unpunished, raise one very important question- What can we do together for better, to stop these crimes?? We can, instead to post empty comments, establish groups to protest, to visit “shelters”= concentration camps, to report crimes, to monitor, to work together. Let’s do something just for ALTRUISM.  All volunteers, please contact us. All interested to adopt the dog, please contact us. All interested to help to Animal Welfare Organization Borba za zivot Vranje, please contact us.

C’est le plus récent. Ce chien a été trouvé jeté dans la poubelle, dans le village appelé Rataje, Vranje. Jeté là par une personne inconnue. Le chien est en très mauvais état, faible, maigre, ne tenez pas sur ses pattes arrière et très très peur, effraye des gens. Les gens maléfiques, sans pitié ont fait ce crime. Mais, une vrai être humain retroussé, une femme, Emilia, qui lui a pris direct de la poubelle et trouve une placement temporaire et tout de suite informé local organisation Bien-être pour des animal – lutte pour la vie Vranje. Après qu’ils ont partagé un appel à l’aide, le premier, l’aide financière plus urgents est arrivé et l’petite se rendait chez le vétérinaire. La bonne nouvelle est que la colonne vertébrale n’a pas été cassé – rompue, il y a les chances que le chien va marcher, mais il a été exposé à la longue faim et soif sur 40 degrés celzius de chaleur, et ont pris leur péage. Il y a possibilité qu’il a été mordu…par une autre chien…. Il semble qu’il a été trouvé au dernier moment. Pour l’instant son état est stable et vétérinaire et militants feront tout pour lui, qui vais aller mieux. Nous recherchons la bonne personne, qui peut fournir la véritable maison pour ce pauvre chien, seulement six mois, qui a jamais, jamais eu ni mot de une maison, ni gentillesse affectueux dans sa vie. Juste constant abus…maltretance Toutes les informations sur sa progression, vous pouvez suivre sur notre site facebook Campagne aideront des abandonnées chiens et les chats en Serbie. Des abus constants de chiens, de torture et de meurtre, impunis, soulever une très importante question-ce qui peut nous faire ensemble pour le meilleur et à mettre fin à ces crimes ?? Nous pouvons, au lieu de cela à poster des commentaires vides, établir des groupes pour protester, pour visiter des « abris » = camps de concentration, à dénoncer les crimes, pour surveiller, pour travailler ensemble. Nous allons faire quelque chose juste pour l’altruisme. Tous les bénévoles, s’il vous plaît contactez-nous

Attacking and abusing animal welfare activists in Serbia is everyday life



Attacking and abusing animal welfare activists in Serbia is everyday life.

While council’s “shelters” for dogs use the budgeted money for homeless dogs for their own corrupted aims, while “shelters” look like concentration camps where dogs are treated cruelly,  the pressure on activists who are saving them from streets, curing them and accommodating them in own shelters, is enormous. Their shelters are financed by donations only with no help from society.

Streets of the cities, villages in Serbia are full of abandoned dogs. Very often private shelters of animal welfare activists and organizations have hundred dogs and more. They simply can’t refuse to help all those in need . There are puppies thrown in the garbage bins, left in bushes, dogs run over by car, abandoned old dogs, all sorts of horrible situations they go through.  The shelters can’t ignore and leave them.

Instead of being praised by society and to be helped by councils for their humanitarian work, welfare activists are exiled, prosecuted and threatened by malicious neighbors, majors and councils –  whose interest in homeless animals is only in a way they can be used for personal gain.

This is an example from the village Turija, close to Srbobran, North Serbia.  One of many similar scenarios that occur all over Serbia. Hatred, lack of empathy, indifference and threats,  aggression and evil, towards abandoned homeless animals and toward all those who care about them.

turija3-777 jutarnji glasnik

Photo published in Jutarnji glasnik

Vera bought the house at the end of village , not to disturb neighbors, however it didn’t help her to get out of their anger , hatred and constant provocations.

Some of them started hitting dogs by stones, sending her messages where they promise that dogs will be poisoned. Finally they established the group which constantly harasses and abuses this woman and her 12 year daughter.  The worst possible bullying doesn’t stop.  Here are the messages where they threaten by poisoning dogs, all united against Vera and her shelter. And the message is that she and her dogs terrorize the village. ???

The same irresponsible people who throw puppies in front of her door, now point their finger at her and make her a laughing stock. Vera is frightened and desperate. The  person, who, as an animal welfare activist, deserves to be honored for all her efforts to help society with her humanitarian work, is in the situation to get scared for her own life, her daughters life and dog’s welfare.

The situation has gotten so bad, that she seeks police help. Police claimed they can’t help her unless dogs get poisoned. No warnings, no acting. Help denied.

And we all know that nobody ever was punished for poisoning dogs in Serbia, which happens every day.

Absolutely with no protection, Vera posted her cry for help on facebook  site and informed animal welfare organizations what kind of horror goes on in the village.

Link  Help me !

The group from Novi Sad visited her – The movement Citizens Novi Sad and showed their support.  But. the aggression is still present.  What can poor women and her child expect?  House bought in unfriendly , aggressive environment,  where to go with the child and dogs ?

Link an article in newspapers

We posted a letter of protest to the major in Srbobran.  Other animals welfare also  reacted .

turija dopis na srbobran

But, will anyone hear the cry for humanity in this very sick environment, where humanity is unwelcome ?????????

Napadi na zaštitinike životinja i uvrede su u Srbiji svakodnevnica

Fotosi i linkovi u Engleskom prevodu

Dok opštinska prihvatilišta u Srbiji, koriste budžetski novac, namenjen zbrinjavanju beskućnih pasa, za sopstvene korumpirane ciljeve, dok im prihvatilišta liče na konc logore, gde se psi surovo tretiraju, pritisak na aktiviste , koji ih spašavaju sa ulica, leče ih i smeštaju u sopstvena prihvatilišta, je ogroman.

Njihova prihvatilišta su finansirana isključivo donacijama, bez ikakve pomoći društva.

Ulice gradova i sela su pune napuštenih pasa.  Vrlo često privatna prihvatilišta imaju po sto pasa i više. Jednostavno ne mogu da odbiju one kojima je pomoć potrebna. Tu su štenad bačena u kante za djubre, u grmlje, psi pregaženi kolima, sve vrste užasnih situacija kroz koje prolaze. Oni ne mogu da zatvore oči i napuste ih.

Umesto da su pohvaljeni i nagradjeni od strane zajednice, pomognuti od opština, predsednika opštine, oni su progonjeni, kažnjavani i preti im se od strane vlasti i gradjana, čiji se interes o beskućnim životinjama, svodi samo na to kako ih mogu iskoristiti za lični interes.

Ovo je primer iz sela Turija, opština Srbobran, Severna Srbija. Isto je u mnogim mestima širom cele Srbije. Jedan od mnogih sličnih scenarija. Mržnja, nedostatak bilo kakvog saosećanja, nezainteresovanost, pretnje, agresija I zlo prema napuštenim , beskućnim životinjama I svima koji o njima brinu.

Vera ja kupila kuću na kraju sela, kako ne bi smetala komšijama, ali to  joj nije pomoglo da izbegne besu, mržnji I provokacijama seljana.

Neki od njih gadjaju pse kamenjem, šalju joj poruke sa pretnjama da će psi biti potrovani I osnivaju grupu , koja je konstantno napada I vredja I preti I njoj I njenoj 12ogodišnjoj ćerki.  Najgore moguće organizovano proganjanje ne prestaje.  Isti neodgovorni ljudi , koji ubacuju u njeno dvorište štenad, sada upiru prst u nju I podsmevaju joj se. Osobi, kojoj trebaju da odaju počast , zbog svih napora da pomogne zajednici svojim humanitarnim radom.  Psuju je, vredjaju I čine pakao od njenog života.

Situacija je postala tako loša, da se obratila policiji. Na to je dobila odgovor da oni tu ne mogu ništa, dok se psi ne potruju. Nisu nikoga upozorili, nisu reagovali. Pomoć odbijena.

A svi znamo da do sada još niko u Srbiji nije kažnen zbog trovanja, koje se dešava svaki dan.

Potpuno bez zaštite, Vera je postovala apel za pomoć na stranicu fejsbuka I obavestila organiacije za zaštitu životinja I pojedince kakav se užas dešava u selu .

Grupa gradjana iz Gradjanskog pokreta Novi sad je posetila I pružila podršku.

Šta jadna žena  I njeno dete mogu da očekuju? Kuća je kupljena u neprijateljskom, agresivnom okruženju. Gde da idu sa psima?

Poslali smo dopis na predsednika opštine , kao što su I mnoga udruženja uradila, ali, da li će iko čuti ovaj poziv na humanost u sredini u kojoj je ona izgleda strana I nedobrodošla????


Attaquant et abuser les militants du bien-être animal en Serbie sont la vie quotidienne alors que « abris » du Conseil pour les chiens utilisent les fonds budgétés pour chiens sans-abri pour leurs propres objectifs corrompus. Alors que « abris » ressemblent à des camps de concentration où les chiens sont traités avec cruauté. La pression sur les militants qui sont sauvant de rues, leur durcissement et les accueillir dans des abris propres, est énorme. Leurs abris sont financés par les dons qu’à aucune aide de la société.
Les rues des villes, villages en Serbie sont pleines de chiens abandonnés.
Abris très souvent privés de militants du bien-être animal et les organisations ont des centaines de chiens et plus. Ils simplement ne peut pas refuser d’aider tous ceux dans le besoin. Il y a les chiots jetés dans les poubelles, a laissé dans les buissons, écrasés par la voiture, les chiens abandonnés vieux chiens, toutes sortes de situations horribles qu’ils traversent. Les refuges ne peuvent ignorer et laisser.

Au lieu d’être loué par la société et d’être aidé par des conseils pour leur travail humanitaire, militants de la protection sociale sont exilés, poursuivis et menacés par des voisins malveillants, majors et conseils – dont l’intérêt pour les animaux sans abri est d’une manière qu’ils peuvent être utilisés pour leur profit personnel.

Il s’agit d’un exemple du village Turija, à proximité de Srbobran, nord de la Serbie. L’un des nombreux scénarios similaires qui se produisent partout en Serbie. Haine, manque d’empathie, indifférence et menaces, agressions et mal, envers les animaux sans abri abandonnés et envers tous ceux qui s’intéressent à eux.
Vera a acheté la maison à la fin du village, pour ne pas déranger les voisins, mais sa n’a pas aidé à sortir de leur colère, de haine et de provocations constantes.
Certains d’entre eux a commencé à frapper les chiens avec des pierres, envoyant ses messages où ils promettent que les chiens vont être empoisonnés. Enfin, ils ont créé le groupe qui harcèle constamment et qui abuse de cette femme et sa fille de 12 ans. Les pires brimades possibles ne s’arrête pas.
Maintenant, les mêmes personnes irresponsables qui jettent des chiots devant sa porte, lui pointer leur doigt et font d’elle un objet de risée. Cette personne, comme un militant de la protection des animaux, mérite d’être honoré pour tous ses efforts aider la société à son travail humanitaire.

La situation a obtenu un si mauvaises routes , qu’elle cherche de l’aide de la police. La police a affirmé qu’ils ne peuvent pas aidez-la sauf si les chiens vont être empoisonnés. Aucun avertissement, aucune action. Aide refusée.
Et nous savons tous que personne ne soit jamais puni pour empoisonnement de chiens en Serbie, qui se passe tous les jours. Absolument sans aucune protection, Vera affiché son appel au secours sur le site de facebook et a informé les organisations de protection animale quel genre de l’horreur se passe dans le village.

Le groupe de Novi Sad a visitée – le mouvement citoyens Novi Sad et ont montré leur soutien. C’est ce qui a inspiré les grands Tweet „manifestations à Turija“ avec une photo de dindes – insultant directement. Il s’agissait d’observation, de commentaires de la major. Ce qui peut se attendre cette femme pauvres avec son enfant ? Maison achetée dans un environnement hostile, agressif, où aller avec les enfants et les chiens ?
Nous avons publié une lettre de protestation vers le majeur dans la question. Autres biens animaux ont également réagissent. Mais, n’importe qui entendront le cri de l’humanité dans cet environnement très malade, où l’humanité est importune.

Cruel treatment of homeless dogs in Serbia goes on



Cruel treatment of homeless dogs in Serbia goes on.

This is the vehicle , trailer , approved by veterinary Directorate, which is used to transport homeless dogs , from towns , all over Serbia , which are sometimes 200 km away, from so called “Shelter” of Avenija MB, in Vrnjacka Banja (read concentration camp).  Up and down, they travel, with no air on 40 Celsius degrees in summer, minus 15 in winter. The way they  catch them , they treat them is absolutely inhuman and disgraceful. Horrible. Often, police supports them, because local citizens protest.  The left photo, you can see bloody traces.

Many don’t survive this inhumane transport. Those who do survive, are killed. Officially they are de sexed, returned , all costs charged to councils who take part in this fraud.

This is the way of catching and throwing dogs into the trailer. Dogcatchers have fun. No empathy. 

All reports written by Animal Welfare organisations were dismissed. Their shelter is closed for visits. No entry.

Veterinary inspections have no objections.

More about catching and attacking people who try to stop them.

Unlawfulness rule. Animal Welfare Law is killed in Serbia. This is genocide of dogs, on daily basis.

Speciesism, very similar to racism, fascism,   united with corruption rule in Serbia. Avenia MB , organisation registered for   dezinsection,  insect’s killers now kill dogs . Corruption  and fraud.

Shame on veterinary directorate of Serbia, which is in charge and doesn’t want to do anything to improve the situation and close this concentration camp.

This is the link of one of numerous articles we have written about infamous Avenija MB. English translation is there and many links.

Please share. !!!


Surovi tretman beskućnih pasa u Srbiji se nastavlja

Ovo je vozilo, odobreno od strane uprave veterine, koje se koristi  za transport beskućnih pasa iz gradova širom Srbije, koji su ponekad udaljeni i po 200 km i više od takozvanog prihvatilišta Avenija MB, čitaj konc logora. Vrnjačka Banja. Gore dole, putuju bez vazduha, na 40 stepeni leti, na minus 10 zimi. Način na koji se hvataju je neljudski i sramotan. Užasan.

Mnogi ne prežive transport. Oni koji prežive se ubijaju. Zvanično su naravno sterililisani, vraćeni na teren, a svi troškovi su naplaćeni opštinama, koje učestvuju u ovoj prevari.

Svi dopisi udruženja za zaštitu životinja  upravi veterine su odbačeni. Prihvatilište je zatvoreno za posete. Nema ulaska.

Veterinarska inspekcija nema primedbi.

Nezakonitost vlada. Zakon o zaštiti životinja je ubijen u Srbiji.  Oov je genocid pasa, svakodnevan. Bezakonje vlada. Avenija Mb, organizacija registrovana za dezinsekciju, ubice insekata, sada ubijaju pse. Primitivizam, varvarizam, korupcija. Sramite se, uprava veterine.

Link nasih prethodnih clanaka o zloglasnoj Aveniji MB.

Molimo širite istinu !!!!


Traitement cruel des chiens sans-abri en Serbie s’allume.

C’est le véhicule, remorque, approuvé par la direction des vétérinaires, qui sont utilisé pour transporter des chiens sans-abri, des villes, dans toute la Serbie, qui sont parfois de 200 km, de soi-disant « Abri » de Avenija Mo, à Vrnjacka Banja (lire le camp de concentration). Haut en bas, ils voyagent, avec aucun flux d’air sur 40 Celsius degrés en été, moins 15 en hiver. La façon dont ils les attraper, ils les traitent est absolument inhumain et honteux. Horrible. Souvent, police prend en charge, car les citoyens locaux protestent. La photo de gauche, vous pouvez voir des traces sanglantes.

Beaucoup ne survivent pas ce type de transport inhumain. Ceux qui parviennent à survivre, sont tués. Officiellement, ils sont de sexés, retourné, tous les coûts imputés aux conseils qui prennent part à cette fraude.

C’est la façon de l’attraper et jeter des chiens dans la remorque. Dogcatchers ont du plaisir. Aucune empathie.

Tous les rapports rédigés par les organisations de protection des animaux ont été rejetées. Leur abri est fermé pour les visites. Aucune entrée.

Inspections vétérinaires n’ont aucune objection.

Plus d’infos sur capture et attaquer les gens qui essaient de les arrêter.
Règle de l’illégalité. Loi sur la protection animale est tué en Serbie. Il s’agit de génocide des chiens, sur une base quotidienne.

Spécisme, très similaire au racisme, fascisme, unie avec la règle de la corruption en Serbie. Claude MB, organisation enregistrée pour la désinsection, tueurs de l’insecte maintenant tuent les chiens. La corruption et la fraude.

Honte à la direction des vétérinaires de la Serbie, qui est en charge et ne veut pas faire quelque chose pour améliorer la situation et de fermer ce camp de concentration.

C’est le lien de l’un des nombreux articles que nous avons écrit sur la tristement célèbre Avenija MB. Traduction en anglais est là et de nombreux liens.

S’il vous plaît partager. !!!

10.000 hektara zemlje firmi „Tenis“ za uzgoj svinja


English translation in the link of the Facebook site

Šta će Srbiji plodna zemlja za proizvodnju žitarica, kad treba strancima za tov svinja za izvoz????Hoce li narod od ovoga imati koristi?? Nedimovic kaze “ Kritizeri ce tek videti“. Ćuti sirotinjo i aplaudiraj.

Branislav Nedimović, još jedan od Ministara Poljoprivrede sa slatkom pričom, paravanom iza koga se krije mnogo toga. Jedan ode, drugi dodje, a pomaka nema, sem nagore. Gura se, uporno, politika uništenja poljoprivrednog zemljišta, domaće proizvodnje, uvodjenje navodnih investitora, koji će uvesti nove tehnologije, doneti procvat. Procvat čega??? Strani investitori u Fabrike farme, u ovom slučaju svinja, kao Tenis, imaju svoj interes. Dobiće pravo zakupa državnog zemljišta na 30 godina. Prema nakaradno donesenom Zakonu o poljoprivrednom zemljištu donetom 2015, mogu da dobiju 30 posto zemljišta u svakoj jedinici lokalne samouprave.
Stepen zagadjenja okoline otpadom nije pomenuo gospodin Nedimović, količinu hrane koju je potrebno proizvesti za svinje na farmama, koje mogu da broje i preko 20.000, na ušrtb proizvodnje žitarica za ljudsku ishranu. Stepen mučenja i patnje životinja po ovakvim farmama ne treba ni pominjati, ali to ih naravno i ne interesuje. Plusevi su navodna nova tehnologija i nejasna korist , koju će svi oni koji su imali kritika „tek videti“(citat).
Dakle, 30 godina strani investitor, naravno, „Tenis“, omražen po Evropi,kažnjavan zbog lošeg odnosa prema radnicima, izmedju ostalog, će da koristi državno zemljište Srbije za svoj biznis. Da ga zatruje otpadom. Umesto da dobri domaćini svoju čistu vodu cene, svoju zdravu zemlju,oni se ponašaju kao poslednje raspikuće. Srbija na putu u septicku jamu Evrope. Sve sto je tamo suvisno, stize ubrzano u poslednju sansu za jos malo kradje.

link teksta    2017

link teksta iz 2015

Polako, ali uporno pogrešna, loša politika gura svoje. Ko će profitirati ? Jasno je.

A evo i detaljnog objašnjenja , koje smo objavili na stranici fejsbuk, još 2015.

link teksta i fotosi , There is English translation 

Ovo su fotosi te „divne tehnologije“ sa „zadivljujućim rezultatima“. Meso puno aditiva, mučenje životinja, uništenje prirode otpadom, ogromna utrošnja vode i hrane za ogroman broj svinja, profit investitoru i jaranima, pa kad ode, besplodna pustinja preživelima.

Ko želi može da pročita knjigu Petera Singera Oslobodjenje životinja, koji je odavno objasnio svu uzaludnost i besmislenost ovakvih poduhvata. Ali , oni koji donose ovakve odluke, nemaju naviku da bilo šta čitaju. A humanost i da ne spominjemo.


Ce qui permettra à la Serbie ses terres fertiles pour produire des récoltes, quand elle a besoin des étrangers pour l’élevage, engraissement des porcs destinés à l’exportation.
Sera le peuple de cet avantage ?
Nedimovic dit « Les critiques verront ». La pauvreté silencieuse et clap.

Branislav Nedimović, une autre des ministres de l’agriculture avec une histoire mignonne, couvrir derrière lequel se cacher beaucoup de choses. On quitte, une autre arrive, et il n’y a pas de décalage, sauf pour le pire. Pousser vers le haut, avec persistance, la politique de destruction de terres agricoles, la production nationale, l’introduction de l’investisseur présumé, qui va présenter de nouvelles technologies pour s’épanouir. La floraison de quoi ??? Dans les élevages, un cochon, comme le Tennis, dans ce cas, les investisseurs étrangers ont leur intérêt. Recevra un droit de location des terres domaniales depuis 30 ans. Selon défigurer la loi adoptée sur les terres agricoles en 2015, ils peuvent obtenir 30 % des terres de chaque unité de gouvernement local.
Le degré de pollution de l’environnement gestion des déchets n’a pas mentionné M. Nedimović, la quantité de nourriture que dont ils ont besoin pour nourris – produire des porcs dans les exploitations agricoles, qui peuvent compter même plus de 20.000, sur poches des production des céréales pour la consommation humaine. Le degré de torture et de la souffrance des animaux dans ces exploitations ne mentionnent pas de même, mais bien sûr, et je m’en moque. Points positifs sont la prétendue nouvelle technologie et avantage pas clair, que tous ceux qui ont critique « juste pour voir » (citation).
Ainsi, 30 ans de l’investisseur étranger, bien sûr, « Tennis », détesté par l’Europe, puni pour mauvaise attitude envers les travailleurs, entre autres, l’utilisation de terres domaniales pour votre entreprise. D’être contaminés par des matières résiduelles. Au lieu de bonne accueille de leur resources des l’eau propre, sa terre en bonne santé, les propriétaires eu même agissent comme pour un dernier gaspillage . La Serbie sur son chemin dans le cloaque de l’Europe. Tout quest que est rejeté, redondant, vient rapidement en dernière chance pour le vol en plus.

Ce ne sont pas uniquement les photos de, l’Amérique lointaine. Que l’Amérique et les élevages industriels européens sont arrivés dans Balkans il y a longtemps, en Serbie ainsi. Mais en silence. Vous pouvez seulement lire nouvelles « Tennis Allemagne ouvre des élevages de porcs en Serbie ». Succès. Export import. Aucun mot sur la façon ils seront traités, polution, ordures qu’ils produiront, nourriture pour les pauvres porcs, Serbie devront produire, un nombre considérable d’êtres qui va être bourrée dans les cages. Vous ne pouvait pas entendre cela. Sa c’est n’est pas agréable. C’est secret caché. Pour la plupart, les indésirables. Parfois, quelque chose, comme le sang fuit des abattoirs dans le Danube, mais devient caché les nouvelles comme ça .
Bien que tous les cri de The World News sur les personnes qui mangent les cancéreuses viande a propos decapants, hormones, rien d’une grande partie est écrit à ce sujet.
Autre question est le profil des personnes qui peuvent travailler sur ces fermes plus longtemps. Pas tout le monde peut le faire. Juste psychopats. Animaux vivants sont tués, butcherd en pieaces. Tout dans le sang tout autour.
C’est pourquoi a proposé amandments à la loi serbe Animal Welfare coupe de bien-être des animaux dans les abattoirs. Modification proposée – bien-être est l’état de l’organisme, pas ce que nous faisons pour son bien-être. A quelle hypocrisie.
C’est dans l’intérêt, non seulement pauvres animaux utilisés, mais les questions de santé de tous les citoyens, qui n’ont aucune idée, ou ne veulent pas savoir, ne pas autoriser cela.
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SOS Urgent help needed

Please help abandoned and homeless dogs and cats to survive .Molimo pomozite napustenim psima i macama da prezive ovu zimu.

It is cold winter in Serbia. Temperatures are under 20 degrees Celsius. Abandoned, sick , hungry and frozen animals are everywhere. Small, modest and poor rescue centers are doing their best to help, rescue, treat, feed. Volunteers are doing their best, but there are more hungry mouths than food.
The least we can do is support them by donating the food. It is possible to buy 1kg of good quality food for just one euro, or 122 din, with free delivery for the amount over 50 euros.
Please help them to survive.
Pay Pal forlife4animals@gmail.com


Prihvatilište za pse Berane Crna Gora

English translation included in text.

Konc logor Berane Crna Gora – dan pred pravoslavni Božić 2017

Na vetrometini, iznad grada, postavljen je red žičanih kaveza, bez zida koji bi ih štitio od hladnoće. Kavezi su otvoreni sa sve 4 strane. Kućice su propale, sena nema. Temperatura je zimi ispod minus 20 stepeni celzijusovih.Zaposlene možemo samo okarakterisati kao teške psihopatološke slučajeve, koji uživaju u mučenju, jer ovo normalni ljudi ne bi mogli da dozvole. . Ovaj konc logor radi pri JKP, a Udruženje za zaštitu životinja Berane blisko saradjuje sa direktorom JKPa i nema -primjedbi. Ni predsednik opštine ih nema. Sve je u najboljem redu za one koji zdušno koriste sredstva u ime blagostanja ovih deportovanih mučenika u ovaj pogon smrti. Dobro zapamtimo ove pse, jer njih uskoro više neće biti.

English – Koncentration camp for dogs Berane Montenegro, Christmas Eve 2017
Above the city Berane, on the place, exposed to winds and snow, public utility Berane”built” so called “shelter”, which involved high investments, all from budgeted means dedicated to “helping stray dogs”. However, expensive shelter ended up as row of cages , in the middle of the nowhere, with no protection of heat or cold, exposed to strong winds and snow, typical for this area.
In the winter, temperatures are under 20 Celsius degrees, freezing water and blood.
Dogs houses are rotten, there is nothing what public utility did and what might help them to survive, in the place where they are locked.
Employees left home to celebrate orthodox Christmas Eve, 6th Jan 2017.
They didn’t care and the reason they are employed is that they don’t care.
This is concentration camp, built to suck the money for the dogs and kill them .
This concentration camp is run by public utility Berane , whose manager is closed friend with Major of the same city. Animal welfare organization Berane works with them closely.
They find this situation absolutely normal. If you disagree, you are threatened , or your dogs might be poisoned, in your own yard. The worst possible corruption. We can only call them all ,sick psychopaths and we won’t be wrong. Please, remember these dogs, they won’t survive, but through their eyes we witness the worst cruelty which happens every day in the region. Fraud, corruption, cruelty towards animals.


Pomozite nam da im pomognemo! Please Help us to help them!


It is cold winter in Serbia. Abandoned, sick , hungry and frozen dogs are everywhere. Small, modest and poor rescue centers are doing their best to help, rescue, treat, feed.
The least we can do is support them by donating the food. It is possible to buy 1kg of good quality food for just one euro, or 122 din, with free delivery for the amount over 50 euros.
Please help us. We support a few rescue centers , which struggle . We will organize delivery, and inform you all about the food donated. All donations will be announced as well. Let’s buy the food for the dogs.Let’s help.
Pay Pal forlife4animals@gmail.com
Hladna je zima u Srbiji. Odbaceni, bolesni, gladni i smrznuti psi su svuda po ulicama. Mali, skromni i siromasni spasilacki centri rade sve sto je u njihovoj moci da pomognu, spasu, lece, nahrane.
Najmanje sto mozemo da uradimo je da im pomognemo hranom. Mozemo da kupimo 1 kg hrane za samo 1 euro, ili 122 din, sa besplatnim prevozom ako iznos prelazi 50 eura.
Molimo, pomozite nam. Organizovacemo uplatu, prevoz i obavestiti vas gde su donacije poslate. Sve donacije ce biti objavljene. Kupimo hranu za pse.

Unscrupulous profiteering on homeless dogs Serbia

Who and how profit on homeless dogs under the veil of humanity. Action of catching  homeless dogs, that’s how it’s called in Serbia, action, is actually equal to collecting euro notes, which lay  on the street. Pure profit. Example Lea.

We had an insight into long trip of homeless dog , called Lea, than Ursula. There is the story about mercenary use of one life, with no regret.  This is just an example. One of thousands ,used every year.

Lea, street dog from Vranje Serbia, was caught in the “action of catching dogs” on 19.07.2016. Her sad example will show you who and how profit on abandoned dogs-the biggest product , number one product of Balkan region.  This is her photo when she was caught by local dogcatchers, when they hurt or broke  her leg.


Like all other dogs, one day, she just turned up on the street. Born on the street, or abandoned by former owner, or just thrown from the the truck of dogcatchers from neighboring municipality, which is the newest fashion, we don’t know. She was street’s dog, had her own house, was looked after by local animal welfare activists.

On 19 July public utility, their dogcatchers organized their ”action” and cruelly collected 5 dogs and transported them mercilessly to so called “private shelter” Davidovac, read concentration camp. From that moment starts profiteering on sentient beings, which are treated like garbage bags.

Public utility, Komrad, their department –dogcatchers- from 23. Martch to 31.October 2016 collected and transported 530 dogs to “shelter” Where are they? Returned to city, desexed, as per contract and Law? No. They disappeared. The invoice billed to community in July was 2.558 euros, which is a lot in the country where monthly salary is from 200 to 400 euros.


It means that transport of one dog costs roughly 40 euros, plus broken lag, from the street to shelter nearby. Dogcatchers recently got their first microchip reader, which they don’t use. But, they do use metal dogcatchers tongs, which are forbidden.

Lea was transported and thrown in cage, where she stayed for a few days , in pain, with no help at all. It is important to mention that, at that time, this object was unregistered and council knew it. We lodged complaint. No reaction. Also, this object is run by veterinarians, who have no idea of any respect to animals.  Veterinarian shelter didn’t respect current Act about shelters, breached the animal welfare act, criminal act , but it calculated full price of treatment of the dog which is, according to contract between council and vet station/shelter 6.000 din per dog= 50 euros. Fraud.

19 07 slomljena noga bez pomoci

Local animal welfare org wasn’t allowed to come in, to take the dog and help him, even opposite , they were threatened. Entrance is forbidden and there is no transparency and monitoring. Corruption and murder can go on.

Major is not interested, he signed the contract with those “people”. Corruption.

Local veterinary inspectors and veterinary directorate turned the blind eye to all our reports.

While Lea lays in smelly, dirty cage, her costs are rising, like she was in 5 star hotel. Tax payers just for this one dog paid nearly 90 euros.

For what? For torture and abuse.

The most of the dogs who enter this concentration camp, will never go out alive. They will end on the nearest waste dump.

Or maybe sold to dog’s dealers called Dog’s lovers. It usually happens to young, pure breed dogs, which are sold further.

Those false animal lovers and false animal wefare organizations are special type of people. They have their own interest. There are many people full of empathy who will luckily pay donations to rescue dogs. Especially the dog with the broken lag. Those exporters  have very good connections with pounds, dogcatchers and same interests. Greed . So, dog Lea was given or sold to Alisa organization from Negotin, who has own shelter, from where they send dogs for adoption in Denmark. Lea was taken over  together with pure breed husky, also from “shelter “ Davidovac.

Was she desexed, micro chipped, it is unknown. How much will they earn or not, we don’t want to know. But, we want to know with what kind of microchip, regular or smuggled, what kind of passport, with what kind of certificate(titar test is a must), whole big commercial transports of dogs  cross the border into the better future.  

The use of dogs, irregularity and export under the question mark Love or Money, goes on, our reports and complains to veterinary directorate and taxation office still wait answers.

Tired and sad Lea , upon arrival in Denmark, didn’t get immediately sweet home, so she turned up on buy and sell site, For sale 200 euros.

Lea Ursula for sale 

Isn’t it sad and horrible? Who will control to whom  will  she be sold, for what purposes?

We do hope, that, animal welfare organization UFFAC, who imported her and those who exported her, Alisa, legally or not, will take care who is buying her. This poor being, whose lives journey is actually pure torture , thanks to all profiteers on dogs is an example of  sad truth about the tragedy and shame of the  country  which allows corruption on dogs, their abuse and doesn’t obey own laws.

This is an example of one dog, but it is a model of steeling. Thousands of dogs and cats are victims of this game. Whose fault is this? Local and federal government, veterinary directorate. If “shelters”were real shelters, what they are paid by our money for, if there were good will and wish, cooperation, not this shameful corruption, these stories wouldn’t happen.

There wouldn’t be neither  dog’s exporters, nor dog’s overpopulation.





Dogcatchers attacked the man in Bor Serbia by heavy metal tongs

Dogcatchers attacked the man in Bor Serbia  by  heavy metal tongs


Animal welfare activist, Dragan Cekic, was attacked by dogcatchers in Bor Serbia, while he was walking his dogs.

When  he saw them catching cruelly friendly dogs with metal tongs, which are outlawed long time ago, he started recording with his mobile.

They started threatening  him, and one of them attacked him.

He fell on ground, both his legs are injured.

Attacker went on and on, while his colleagues, also dogcatchers  were calmly watching.

Cruel people are employed to abuse abandoned animals and people who care.

This is not the first case.  In some cities they even go accompanied by armed police.

Dogcatchers haven’t gone through any training and  the most of Pound’s Chief executives are not interested in any animal welfare. Dogs are just victims, which can be used for another corrupted misuse of budgeted income.

Cruelty and primitivism rule.

 Please have a look at the video and share widely. Let all the world see what is happening in Serbia and how are dogs and their protectors treated.

Here is an article from Serbian newspapers. 

Šinteri napali čoveka u Boru Srbija metalnim kleštima za hvatanje pasa


Šinteri napali čoveka u Boru Srbija metalnim kleštima za hvatanje pasa.


Aktivista za zaštitu životinja, Dragan Cekić, je napadnut od strane šintera dok je šetao svoje pse. Kada je video da šinteri koriste metalna klešta, koja su zakonom zabranjena i mučki hvataju pse, počeo je da ih snima .

Oni su počeli sa pretnjama i jedan od njih ga je napao metalnim kleštima.

Pao je na zemlju, a obe noge su mu povredjene. Napadač je nastavio, dok su mu kolege sve to mirno posmatrale.

Surovi ljudi su zaposleni da povredjuju napuštene pse i njihove zaštitnike.

Ovo nije prvi slučaj. U nekim gradovima, šinteri idu uz pratnju naoružane policije.

A Zakon se ne poštuje.

Šinteri nisu prošli nikakav trening za dobrobit životinja, a većina upravnika šinteraja nisu zainteresovani ni za kakvu dobrobit pasa. Za njih su to samo žrtve, obične džukele, koje se mogu iskoristiti za još jednu  korupcijsku zaradu.

Surovost i primitivizam vladaju.

Molimo pogledajte video i širite svuda. Neka ceo svet vidi šta se dešava u Srbiji i kako se tretiraju napušteni psi i njihovi zaštitnici. I ko sve radi kao šinter.


Dogcatchers attacked the man in Bor Serbia  by  heavy metal tongs

Animal welfare activist, Dragan Cekic, was attacked by dogcatchers in Bor Serbia, while he was walking his dogs.

When  he saw them catching cruelly friendly dogs with metal tongs, which are outlawed long time ago, he started recording with his mobile.

They started threatening  him, and one of them attacked him.

He fell on ground, both his legs are injured.

Attacker went on and on, while his colleagues, also dogcatchers  were calmly watching.

Cruel people are employed to abuse abandoned animals and people who care.

This is not the first case.  In some cities they even go accompanied by armed police.

Dogcatchers haven’t gone through any training and  the most of Pound’s Chief executives are not interested in any animal welfare. Dogs are just victims, which can be used for another corrupted misuse of budgeted income.

Cruelty and primitivism rule.

 Please have a look at the video and share widely. Let all the world see what is happening in Serbia and how are dogs and their protectors treated.